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Create workouts at home that fit your schedule so you can spend less time exercising and more time enjoying life.

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Create your own workout

As a member, you can choose each and every exercise that's included in your routine from start to finish, like building an iTunes playlist, so it's a perfect fit for you. You choose the length & intensity of your workout.

Trainer-designed workouts

We provide trainer designed workouts that are ready for you at the click of a button. Or you can sign up to work with one of our Tailored Fitness trainers, who will create a custom workout program for you.

Workouts made with women in mind

Tailored Fitness was created to provide you with the best workout you can get, in the shortest amount of time possible. Save time by doing your workouts at home.

Learn the "Why" behind "What" you are doing

We believe in motivating and educating our clients. With each video you'll have a clear understanding of why you're doing what you're doing, and what kind of returns you can expect.

Easy-to-follow nutrition plan

Tailored Fitness offers nutrition guidelines that are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, so you can better understand the benefit of adding a complimentary eating plan to your workout routine.


You are not in this alone! As a member of Tailored Fitness, you will receive accountability and support from a trainer to help you reach your goals. You can also enroll in one of our free group classes and join other women striving to be healthy.

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See what our clients have to say

“I can do the workouts without leaving my home, which makes the best use of my time, and I can get a workout done in just 30 minutes.”

Kayla, mom to 2 year old Scarlett and expecting baby #2

“Tailored Fitness is exactly what I was looking for! It toned and strengthened my body while helping me lose inches around my thighs and stomach.”

Megan, Wedding & Family Photographer

I was able to exercise throughout my second pregnancy and it helped me feel great.

Kyle, mom to 3 year old Afton and 3 month old Jensen

“I added Tailored Fitness workouts to my current exercise plan for an extra challenge. My body had gotten used to my typical workout routine and Tailored Fitness was what I needed to get past the plateau.”

Ranee, mom to 29 year old Autumn and 25 year old Rebecca

“Tailored fitness ensures that I target all the different muscle groups. I have a tendency to always do the same exercises, but these videos to help me mix things up. I am seeing great results and really enjoy working out.”

Jessica, mom to 3 year old Parker and 1 year old Austin

"I maintain a very busy lifestyle, and I love that Tailored Fitness gives me the best possible workout for my time. While some people would still be driving to the gym, I am already getting stronger and feeling the burn!"

Rebecca, actress and coach

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  • Create your own workouts
  • Choose pre-made workouts
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Monthly accountability
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  • Trainer Package
  • $99 / Month
  • Work with a trainer
  • Custom tailored workouts
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Weekly accountability
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